Paris: Mother of Dragons Tour

There is a hidden Paris that exists, beneath its feet, in the symbolism of its architecture and a subtler realm that can not be seen by the two eyes.

We explore Paris through its Sites of pilgrimage, Ley lines, Sacred waters, Ancient Mounds, Mythical symbols, and Astrology, and uncover the threads that weave together its many settlers and invaders from the prehistoric times of the Druids to the Knights of the Templar and the present day.

I hope you will find it an eye-opening experience.

Paris Dragon


  • > Eglise Saint-Sulpice

    Former Isis temple and pagan site.

  • > Place St-Germain-des-Pres

    Burial place of the merovingian king since the 6th century.

  • > Fontaine Saint-Michel

    St Michael defeating the Dragon.

  • > Eglise Saint-Severin

    This Church hosts some of the most remarkable gargoyles.

  • > Notre-Dame

    An 800 year old Pagan temple to Jupiter is said to have stood here.

  • > Place du Chatelet

    Châtelet Plaza is one of the main nodes of the sacred geoarchitecture of Paris.

  • > Square de la Tour Saint-Jacques

    Nicholas Flamel, Europe's most famous Alchemist donated much to build this landmark, also a starting point of one the worlds most famous pilgrimage.


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