London: The City of Dragons Tour

London City of Dragons: Ley lines, Symbols, Knights Templar and Astrotheology

Discover the hidden London that exists in its symbolism, architecture and the subtler realm that is not visible to the eyes. 

We explore London through its Sites of pilgrimage, Ley lines, Forgotten waters, Ancient Mounds, Mythical symbols, and Astrology, and uncover the threads that weave together its many settlers and invaders from the prehistoric times of the Druids to the Knights of the Templar and to the present day. 

You will find it an eye-opening experience.

Temple Dragon


  • > 113 Cannon St, London EC4N 5AW, UK

    We meet outside Joe the Juice. You will recognize me by my long hair and beard 🙂

  • > The London stone

    The sacred stone of London that is said to keep London safe with its presence.

  • > The forgotten streams

    Remembering the once significant Walbrook river that helped make modern day London.

  • > London Mithraeum

    A temple fo the Sun god worshipped by the Romans.

  • > Bank of England Building

    A seat of power of the City of Dragons that sits on a forgotten river.

  • > St Mary-le-Bow Church

    We explore the sidelined symbolisms in the church of Bow Bells.

  • > Cheapside

    The oldest tree in the City of London and also a reminder of all the trees that are now lost.

  • > St. Paul's Cathedral

    St Pauls has been place of ceremony since time immemorial and it also epitomises the symbol of the Phoenix.

  • > The Church of St Martin Ludgate

    A church with a long history that holds even more ancient enigmas.

  • > Ludgate Circus

    Another of Londons lost Rivers and we recall the King that gave London it's name.

  • > St Bride's Church

    A church with a rich pagan history that also hosts a Well.

  • > St Dunstan-in-the-West

    A medieval church with ancient symbolism.

  • > Temple Church

    Built by the Knights of the Templar, Temple Church is modeled on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to make London as the New Jerusalem.

  • > Temple Bar Memorial

    The fiercest of all the protector dragons of the City of London. Its mytholology harks back to Beowulf, Tiamat and St George.


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