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London: City of Dragons

Discover the hidden London that exists in its symbolism, architecture and the subtler realm that is easily unseen to the eyes.

Temple Dragon

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Narratives that speak to the heart and mind

Weaving history with the eternal truths of mythology make every tour unique as the person experiencing them.

Also providing Tours in Paris and Wiltshire

Places of great and ancient history that have links to the past that are meaningful to us as the air we breath and the grass we walk on.

Wiltshire: Forgotten Dragons

Paris: Mother of Dragons

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Excellent and very interesting tour that fits its descriptive, with an amazing and erudite guide! We had fascinating, deep and multi-layered conversations around the exploration of what is hidden in plain sight. I am very much looking forward for Arjun to create his next tour and continue to discover London that way!”


Tripadvisor, Oct 21, 2023